2022 Toyota Corolla Price and Specifications

2022 Toyota Corolla Price and Specifications

The exterior of the Corolla Apex was created to garner the attention it deserves by including a number of distinctive and exciting touches, such as an aggressive black-and-bronze body package and an optional cement color.

The driving experience that the Corolla Apex confidently delivers is one that is precise and responsive since the ride height has been dropped, the suspension has been calibrated for sport, and the stabilizer bars are robust.

Models and Prices

SE Nightshade$23,575
SE Apex$25,570
XSE Apex$28,710



1. Spacious

The Corolla’s high-quality and spacious interior isn’t only comfortable. The controls and seats are set up in a way that makes driving easy and fun.

2. SofTex Trimmed Sport Seats

Mixed-media sport seats with optional SofTex trimmed bolsters and quality fabric inserts work together to help you feel comfortable and in control when you’re behind the wheel. These seats were created with careful consideration from the top down.

3. Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel

When you take a grip on the optional leather-wrapped steering wheel that comes standard on the Corolla, you will notice a difference that extends all the way to the tips of your fingers.

4. Moonroof

You may open the sunroof that comes standard on the Corolla with the push of a button if you want to let some sunlight in or look up at the stars.

Soft-Touch Interior and Piano-Black Accents

You and your passengers may enjoy the kind of luxury you wouldn’t expect from a small car thanks to the optional piano-black accents and soft-touch materials on the dashboard and doors.


1. Nightshade

The Corolla SE Nightshade Edition has an appearance that is tailored to complement your sense of style kudos to the blacked-out wheels, grille, and other features.

2. Aggressive Sporty Front

The Corolla’s low, broad, and aggressive posture stands out for all of the right reasons, and it is highlighted by the honeycomb mesh grille.

3. LED Headlights With DRL and LED Taillights

Unique lighting, improved operational effectiveness. LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are integrated into the headlights of the Corolla, and the vehicle’s LED taillights illuminate in a distinctive pattern.

4. Dark Gray Metallic Sport Accents

You’ll leave quite an impact everywhere you go if you get the available dark gray metallic rear spoiler, diffuser, and side rocker panels for your car.


1. Remote Connect

You may use the Toyota app on your smart device to remotely start the engine of your Corolla, find it in a congested parking lot, and perform other functions utilizing the available Remote Connect feature.

2. Adaptive Front-Lighting System

The technology that comes standard on a Corolla isn’t simply meant to make your life easier; it also contributes to your safety. When you spin your steering wheel, the Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS), will follow your front wheels to improve your vision at night.

3. Amazon Alexa

You can ask Alexa to do a variety of things, such as play music, operate smart-home devices, locate parking, and more, and Alexa will react immediately.

4. Apple CarPlay

Because Apple CarPlay is compatible with your iPhone, you may use it to obtain driving instructions, send and receive messages and phone calls, and listen to music without diverting your attention from the road.

5. Android Auto

Bring a user interface that is familiar to you. If your car is equipped with standard Android Auto, you can simply plug in your Android phone to easily integrate your preferred applications onto the display of your vehicle and remain connected while you are behind the wheel.


1. 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine

It has an efficient, available 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine that makes 169 horsepower and can be paired with an available Dynamic-Shift CVT, which combines the quick response of a traditional fixed first gear with the efficiency of a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

2. 6-Speed Intelligent Manual Transmission

The Corolla’s 6-speed intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) has lower gears with closer ratios for energetic acceleration, and higher gears with taller ratios for improved fuel economy when cruising. In addition to that, it has a technology called adaptive rev-matching, which helps lessen transmission pressure when the gears are changed down.

3. Mounted Paddle Shifters

It is possible to change gears in a Corolla without releasing your grip on the steering wheel due to the presence of paddle shifters. Quickly switch gears with the touch on each lever for a more exciting ride.

4. Sport Mode

In order to activate Sport Mode, simply press the button labeled “Sport” that is made available. After that, the engine control unit and the simulated shift points are tweaked to make for a more enjoyable experience while behind the wheel.


1. Blind Spot Monitor With Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

The Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) and the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) that are both accessible to you are meant to assist in keeping an eye out for your safety. You will receive a warning from BSM if a vehicle in the next lane reaches the blind area on either side of the Toyota Corolla. In addition, when you are in reverse, RCTA assists in the detection of cars coming from either side, providing you with a warning tone as well as indications in the side mirrors.

2. Ten Airbags

The Corolla has ten airbags as standard equipment. These include the Advanced Airbag System for the driver and front passenger, side airbags for the front seats, a knee airbag for the driver, a seat cushion airbag for the front passenger, side airbags for the back seats, and curtain airbags for the front and back.

3. Star Safety System

The Star Safety System, included on all new Corolla models, is an innovative combination of safety-oriented technology that improves the vehicle’s handling, braking, and more. Incorporating these safety elements into the Corolla makes it easier to stay out of harm’s way. This degree of safety is unique to the Toyota Corolla.


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