The Location of Backup Camera on Rav4

The Location of Backup Camera on Rav4

The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection (PCS w/PD) in Toyota Rav4 is designed to help detect a vehicle or a pedestrian in certain situations. Using both a camera and radar, PCS w/PD can provide an audio/visual alert to warn you of a possible collision under certain circumstances. If you don’t react, the system is designed to automatically brake.

In the Toyota RAV4, the backup camera is typically located on the rear of the vehicle, just above the license plate. It is a small camera that is integrated into the rear liftgate or bumper and is designed to provide the driver with a clear view of the area behind the vehicle.

The backup camera is used for a variety of purposes, primarily to assist the driver when backing up or parking the vehicle. It provides a view of the area directly behind the vehicle, allowing the driver to see any obstacles, pedestrians, or other vehicles that may be in the way. This can help to prevent accidents and make parking easier and more convenient.

In addition to providing a clear view of the rear of the vehicle, many modern backup cameras also include additional features such as guidelines or sensors that can help the driver to park more accurately. Some models may also include warning systems that alert the driver to obstacles or vehicles that are in the way.

Overall, the backup camera is an important safety feature in the Toyota RAV4, and it can help to improve visibility and prevent accidents when backing up or parking the vehicle.

Where to Find the Backup Camera in Toyota Rav4

Front Camera

The front Camera in Toyota Rav4 2021 is located just below the Toyota Logo

Side Cameras

The side cameras in the Toyota Rav4 is located just beneath/under the side mirrors.

Back Camera

At the back of the Toyota Rav4 the camera is located just below the Toyota Logo.

Lane Departure Alert

By detecting visible white/yellow lane markings or the road’s edge at speeds above 32 mph, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/SA) in Rav4 is designed to issue an audio/visual alert if an inadvertent lane departure is detected. if the drive does not take corrective actions, the steering assist function is designed to provide gentle corrective steering.

Road Sign Assist

Using an intelligent camera in Toyota Rav4, Road Sign Assist (RSA) is designed to detect speed limit signs, stop signs, do not enter signs and yield signs, and display them on the Multi-information Display.


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