2023 Toyota Prius Price and Specifications

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The Prius’ modernized design is highlighted by its smooth curves and sharp features, which do more than just enhanced aerodynamics. You get a streamlined design that appears nice from all sides. The thin LED headlights and light strip between the taillights on the back of the Toyota Prius make its exterior look nice.

Models and prices (Gas)

LE AWD$28,850
XLE AWD$32,295
Limited AWD$35,865



The all-new Prius comes equipped with a hybrid engine that’s been specifically designed for the model. A 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that produces up to 196 horsepower is located beneath the hood: It can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7.2 seconds.

Driving Modes

There are four driving modes that let you change how you drive your Prius. EV Mode lets you drive solely on battery power for short lengths and limited situations, like in a parking area, at low speeds. Power Mode gives you faster acceleration, ECO Mode helps you get the most out of your gas, and Normal Mode balances performance and gas savings.


Advanced Park

Advanced Park is a helpful feature that can be activated with the push of a button and is there to help you parallel park or reverse into a parking spot. With the aid of cameras and sensors, this hands-free parking system can turn, apply brakes, and shift gears for you, all while you relax.

Digital Key Capability

If you have a Remote Connect trial or subscription, the Digital Key capability will be able to recognize your Bluetooth-connected smartphone and give you the ability to secure and release your Prius as well as start and stop it remotely.

Panoramic View Monitor

The Panoramic View Monitor that comes standard on the Prius enables you to scan your surroundings for potential dangers. A panoramic view can be displayed on the interactive display via to the utilization of four sensors, one placed on each side of the vehicle.

Navigation System

Cloud Navigation is a feature that is accessible as part of the Prius Drive Connect trial or as a paid subscription. This feature gives you access to the most recent map data, routes, and places of interest. Simply enter your destination, and it will assist you in determining the most expedient route to get there.

Qi Wireless Charging and USB Ports

Wireless charging that is compatible with Qi is now available, so you can ditch the connections. If you want to charge your Qi-compatible device electronically while you’re on the go, all you have to do is position it in the charging slot. In addition, the Prius comes standard with six USB-c ports, allowing you to connect and charge a wide assortment of electronic devices. This adds both flexibility and practicality to the vehicle.

Top-Mount Multi-Information Display

The top-mount Multi-Information Display (MID) of the Prius is positioned directly above the steering column to provide you with obvious details regarding various aspects of the vehicle, including the outside temperature, driver-assist system information, and other relevant data.


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